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White Swan Free Range Eggs / Farm Gate Shop

We are a Pasture Raised Free Range Egg farm on the foothills of Ballarat. Providing Retail, Wholesale and Farm Gate Shop sales
Opening at 6:00 AM
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Do you purchase our eggs? If you answered YES… this is what your supporting! Chooks outside, green grass… nestled in amongst nature 🙌🏻

Every dozen you buy is one less dozen needing to come from a conventional farming system. So thank you for making a difference, choosing to buy local and allow...

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🐶 “If it fits, I sits”… Gracie sitting in one of the chook dishes where we put the food. Probably the only dry place here currently! 😄😆

The ladies have been slurping up worms all day today… we sat and watched this hen forage for worms one after another (much like a kid in a lolly shop). The fully saturated soil brings the worms up to the surface and the chooks reap the rewards with minimal effort.

Earthworms contain 60-70% prot...

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When you look to the left and see a big white fluffy polar bear poking its head through the window 🥰… Well, it has almost been cold enough for Nugget to be a polar bear! (Do you think he pulls it off pretty well?… maybe we need to start our own open range zoo? 😆🐻‍❄️)

Chickens are wonderful creatures of habit. Most of the time this works in our favour… except for this one hen who decided that this depression in the paddock is the perfect spot to lay an egg. She has been laying here everyday for about 2 weeks! She has made a small nest out of pasture grass and ...

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Are you a local foodie? Wanting to purchase eggs near you? Look no further.. One of Ballarat’s premium egg producer. All our hens produce their bundles of joy on pasture, with extremely low stocking rate at 85 hens per hectare, dedication to animal welfare and a focus on regenerative farming. We ...

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Did you wonder how we constructed our Farm Gate Shop so quickly? Well wonder no more! A lot of planning and thinking went into place beforehand for a seamless transition to its final resting place 👌🏻

The portable shop was constructed over many months at the top of the property, and had to be m...

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Just like an artist revealing their masterpiece, here is Chris (otherwise known to some as Dad, and Pa to others) revealing his. Dad has been a carpenter/builder by trade ever since he was 16 years old and has a distinct love and passion for his craft.

So let’s welcome in our brand new farm gate...

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Nugget decided he wanted to put some brows on today, we don’t judge here on the farm... if he wants to look fabulous, then he can go right ahead 😂😉

If you want to know why he is looking like this, well... he stuck his noggin down a rabbit hole! 🐰 🐇 Either way he looks hilarious!


a month ago
Love buying local produce here in Ballarat, plus white swan eggs are the best! A family owned business! Thanks guys, and to Nugget and Gracie too!
- Shell H
7 months ago
Great free range eggs, delivered to your door (Ballarat and surrounds). Love the fresh, cruelty free supply of farm eggs. Great service, and fabulous product. Sometimes have option for other farm produce too! Thank you for your wonderful service. We love the eggs!
- Karen B
7 months ago
Fantastic eggs, absolutely incredible amber coloured yolks. Extremely easy to peel. Handy delivery option if needed. Very happy with these eggs and will continue to purchase in the future.
- Elisha C

Why we are more than just 'free range'

What’s the Yolking Difference?

Rotationally Moved 
Our hens are rotationally moved across the landscape on our farm using portable chicken coops (also known as chicken caravans or tractors). This has many benefits for hen health, environment and the end product of our pasture raised eggs. The hens have significantly increased foraging opportunities than that of a convention ‘free range’ hen. With frequent access to new ground there is a treasure trove of insects, bugs and other goodies to be discovered by the ladies. A key component of why we use a rotational based system is to provide our pastures with ‘rest’. Not only does this allow time for the grass, small herbs to recover fully, it also provides a mosaic or patchwork affect across our farm which is vital for ecosystem function and local biodiversity. 
Egg quality and Flavour
 It is well documented that pasture raised eggs are highly nutritious, significantly more than a hen which is locked up inside a shed or limited access to quality forage.  One of the key reasons is our hens spend a greater amount of time out in natural sunlight and on fresh green pastures which they consume. Our eggs have a greater amount of Vitamin D, imparted into the egg at a rate of about 3x to 4x more! Our eggs are also higher in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Omega-3s… PLUS Lower in Cholesterol and Saturated fat! All of these extra nutrients have a strong correlation with flavour (think of homegrown vegetables compared to supermarket varieties)
Stocking Density 
 Our stocking density is less than 85 hen/hectare, much less than the ‘free range’ approved stocking density of 10,000/hectare or the RSPCA standards of 1,500/ha. 
Why does this matter?  Well this directly relates to significantly reduced stress on each hen, as there is less competition for food, shelter, and perching spaces. Not to mention the build-up of manure which has been proven to taint the flavour of eggs with the high ammonia gases released when it anaerobically decomposes or ‘rots’. So it is true what they say; you can taste the happiness of the hen in the egg. 

Environmentally, Sustainability & Ethically Focused 
Our management techniques are improving our local environment on a day-to-day basis. We are fully chemical free in the way we produce our eggs, which means you are receiving a highly natural egg. Produced as nature intended. It is our belief that happy hens will produce the best product for our customers, we like to think of our production system as ‘HenCentric’ or having a holistic approach to producing eggs on an ethical, environmentally regenerating and sustainable scale.      

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